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Our Services

Our services are varied and pertain to many assorted types of vehicles. We specialize in differentials, commonly referred to as rear ends. We carry a large inventory of bearings, seals, gear sets, posi units and associated hardware to supply our service shop and mail-order network.

Our service shop opens at 7:30 am CST Monday through Friday and closes at 5:00 PM. Jobs can be picked up until 6:00 PM. Appointments are made for 7:30 am and 1:00 pm and are dependent upon current work load. We have a rapid turn-around and most rack jobs take only 1/2 day slots. 4WD usually takes a full day (front and rear). Calls for appointments are fielded all day long Monday through Friday. Part of PYLE BROS service is that we install what we sell. Ratio changes and posi-traction units are the most popular. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our Parts Department fields most tech calls and handles mail-orders. Appointments are another responsibility handled by Parts employees. Some custom fabrication can generally be handled over the phone

Our Services Include

Custom Housing Narrowing

Housings are jig welded. Bearing bores guaranteed to be on center line. Castor/camber guaranteed perpendicular to center line.

New ends and new tubing can be installed in some applications. Prices are bid per job.

Ring & Pinion Installation

Ring & Pinion installation can be done in the vehicle or on the bench. Most bench jobs are done in 2 days or less. Appointments can be made and it can be done while you wait.

Posi Installation

This is normally done while installing a new ring & pinion. Some posi's can be rebuilt with new internals and clutches, etc.

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2402 West Cbyo-Lynchbg Rd.
Baytown, TX  77521